Dropbox is COOL!!!

Having used Dropbox for a couple of years now I have to say it is one of the easiest file sharing tools that I have discovered for which you do not required an account with google or yahoo or even windows live.  A generous (ok not for video files), 2GB space is available for FREE!!!!  My favourite part of it.  As some of you will see from previous posts I am so into apps and programs that are free, and dropbox has got to be my favourite.

Ok, so how can someone like me get so excited over a little box that lets me put files onto a webserver?

Simple – I can set up an account for the church media laptop and drop (hence the drop bit of the name dropbox), my powerpoint files for the service into the box, (hence the box bit of the name dropbox).  Also I can set up sharing folders which allows me to put files that I want to share with others into them so they can download them on their computers – at another location and even at another part of the world.  If I accidentally delete a file from my dropbox folder on my computer, I can go into the website and undelete it.  Yes, with all the medication I take I do need this facility, especially when I delete the wrong powerpoint file minutes before the service.  Thankfully I haven’t done that yet but come close a couple of times.

So do yourself a favour and download Dropbox – a must for sharing files less than 2 GB with anyone who doesn’t want a windows live, google docs or yahoo account.