The Difference Technology Makes to the Disabled

When I opened my eyes this morning I knew I was in for a tough day where pain is concerned.  Instead of taking the usual hour to get up I had to take extra time as my hands wouldn’t work too well.  Of course I study at university on Tuesday afternoons and evenings, with a couple of hours break in between.  For me, Disabled Student’s Allowance has made a huge difference to my capability to study and pass my modules.  I have been provided with equipment which allows me to record lectures – a great tool when I can’t write a note to save myself.  Also there are various programs available to me on my computer which assist me as I go about writing documents, emails and other things.  Assistive Technology means I don’t have to type, instead I can speak into a program and most of the time the computer understands what I am saying and types it in.

With various other programs there is the option of having lectures transcribed into text, documents read out to me, stuff scanned into the computer can be changed through software which recognises characters.  In fact I don’t know where I would be without all these tools.  At University I also get a specialised chair which makes sitting down less painful than it would otherwise be.  Every piece of equipment, software and support I receive has been vital to my success so far.  In this next semester I can face all knowing that I have the tools I need to study, so hopefully I can pass my exams.  I wonder if they could give me a better brain…….