Taking Control of Your Computer

These days when you buy a computer it tends to come with several programs installed.  Most popular programs include Norton AntiSpyware, MacAfee Security, Microsoft Works or a trial version of Microsoft Office, Links to various help manuals and more.  While a lot of the software needed to run your computer is free you find that after a while the 60 day trial version of Microsoft Office is up, but you have used it to create documents.  So your choice is to pay around £99 for the Home and Student version or lose your documents.  DON’T!!!!!

There is a free office suite called Openoffice which you can download for nothing and it should be able to allow you read those documents that you set up in Microsoft Office.

Norton is considered one of the top programs for fighting viruses and keeping your computer clean.  However, you have to renew your licence on an annual basis and again, if money is tight, there is usually at least one free program which will do as good a job as Norton.  There are a couple of free antivirus programs I like to use and recommend.  The first is Avast, which tends to work really well with slightly older computers, and the second is AVG.  Both Avast and AVG have free options though they state you must be a non-commercial user to use these.  So next time your license is up for your antivirus, consider downloading one of the freebies.

Next time I’ll share how I get rid of spyware adware and malware using a tool which I have used free for years!!!