Final Exams

Happy New Year to everyone – sorry for the delay but I have been in the midst of studying for Final Exams.  Today I sat Windows Domain Administration and was so glad I had put in the amount of days and hours to study it.  The next exam is next week so again I’ll be in front of the computer screen doing all the preparation for that.  Then I have a long weekend before studying the last two modules for my Bachelor’s Degree.

Having studied this part time over the last six or so years I would strongly advise unemployed people interested in technology to pop into their local college/university and see what modules they can study – especially if they have never done so before.  For those who have the opportunity to do a full time course will not face the same stress to fit in full time jobs etc with full time studying, however, in this day and age it is unrealistic to think that full time students don’t have to take on some sort of work to finance their studies.  However, the fact still remains that class time for full time students is at times almost double that of part time students.  It is definitely worth using the time to learn as much as possible, and try and get some voluntary work in order to gain invaluable experience.  Placements will also provide this kind of experience, though most companies look for more than two years.  Extra certification can help land a job, but experience is still vital to land a great job at the end of the studies.

For me, I return to the books having increased my experience through voluntary work at the church I attend.  I also help friends out from time to time with various issues to do with networks, website and more and all of this has come because of my studies at University.  So studies and experiences have gone hand in hand to enable me to increase my usefulness.